Vostok Komandirskie, a Russian gem.

A few weeks ago I was requested by one of my loyal Instagram followers to review the Vostok Komandirskie Reference # 650841. Because of several projects that I had on the go, I was forced to push the review a little bit back and my follower (@theworkingman’swatch) was very understanding about it, thank you @theworkingman’swatch.

Russian beauty.

I started by sending an email to the Vostok Watch Company, sadly they never replied so I gathered as much material as I could from various sources online. Some of the sources were reviews done online by persons who had the watch for some time and others that recently purchased it. So what you are about to read is some sort of summary of the reviews and general information I was able to gather. Do not consider this a review but a polite and somewhat educated opinion/suggestion.

My dear and loyal follower @theworkingman’swatch advised me that he is looking into buying the Vostok Komandirskie Ref#650841. He kindly asked if I would review the watch so he could have more information before making a final decision. I accepted right away and was very excited to start this project, I wish I had the watch though to be able to provide a full review that would be fair for both, my follower and the Vostok Watch Company but I did what I could with what I had.

Let’s start with the pros, according to the information gathered this watch is structurally pretty solid, it is made out of stainless steel and it has a rugged look. The size of the watch seems to be right where it should be not too big, not too small and it wears well on the average size wrist. Most of the owners that commented on their watch advised that the watch is rather comfortable to wear as well. The bezel is bidirectional and it does not click. The watch is water-resistant 200 meters or 20 Bar and the acrylic crystal is doomed and, apparently, the deeper you dive the pressure makes the domed acrylic crystal fit tighter, a very cool feature in my opinion. This watch is automatic self-winding, so if the watch is not used for a prolonged period it can be winded then it can run for up to 31 hours. Other specifications include Luminous hands and dots, the strap width is 20 mm, the case depth is 15 mm, the case width is 42 mm and the lug to lug is 49 mm.

This watch aesthetically is “easy” on the eye and most people that reviewed it are more than happy with it. I do like its appearance, and I believe that with a few different straps this watch can be visually very versatile. Overall I get the feeling that this watch performs great and most users are happy with their purchase. Most people feel that the watch weight is just right and that they received great compliments
from others. To be honest this watch is kind of growing on me not only for its appearance and its functional attributes but also the idea of owning an automatic watch for only $103 Candian is very enticing.

Ok, let’s now look at the cons. Several people complained about the bidirectional bezel being too lose from the get-go and not clicking, others seemed to have an issue with the bezel’s bidirectional movement itself and its tendency to become loose after some use. Some watch owners seem to have a real problem with the band, the quality and its size, however, this is a small number but I want to be fair and I figure it’s worth mentioning. There is also talk about how poorly the watch is packaged and how it might get scratched on delivery. Some complained about the quality of the box which to me is trivial at best. One topic that came up a lot is that the acrylic crystal is not hardened or coated which makes it prone to scratches and or cracks however the acrylic crystal can be replaced. It appears that this watch has a small tendency of running a bit fast (1-3 minutes average) this is according to a couple of personal reviews. Another issue raised was the general quality of the watch, not by everyone but by a generous number of people. I think this is when perspective kicks in, this watch is not a Rolex and it did not cost anywhere near what a Rolex would cost but it’s automatic, has some nice features and (to me at least) it’s a sweet looking watch.

In my opinion (keep in mind that my opinion is based on someone else’s experiences and at best it could potentially be as good as gossip) this watch seems to be great for its price ($103 Canadian plus shipping on Amazon). The one issue that stood out to me is performance consistency. While some people had great things to say about it others had negative things to say (a few people mentioned that it runs fast, etc.) all based on their personal experiences with the watch. There is even one person that used the watch for a few months and suddenly it stopped working…forever.

So would I buy this watch? If I was nuts about it and it has to be part of my collection, yes I would take the chances, which are not many. If the watch breaks I’m out 103 Canadian Dollars which is not good but it won’t unbalance my budget. If everything goes great, then I invested 103 Canadian Dollars wisely and I own a timepiece that I love. If it’s a watch that I am curious about and there no passion behind my apathetic interest, then no. I rather add a couple of hundred dollars and buy a Seiko, Citizen or even a Casio.

To my dear follower @theworkingman’swatch there are some great reviews out there by people who have the watch, make sure you read them all before you make a final decision. My advice to you? Given your passion and interest…Get it! I’m sure you will love it. Also, I saw this watch with black leather straps and red stitching it looks sharp, very sharp. To be honest, I’m starting to think about getting this watch some time down the road. I hope this helps. Feel free to add questions, comments, and rude remarks! Kind regards, Watch Reviews.

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