The Casio G-Shock DW 5600E-1V As tough as it gets!

In my line of work as a first responder, there are a few essential things. Let me list a few of those to clarify the above statement. The first one is courage simply because without it you won’t be able to take that first step into the critical situation where your skill set is required. Second is discipline which will carry you through the toughest scenarios that life throws at you. Third, but not least, is reliability, you have to be reliable because the community and your coworkers need your help and assistance. These qualities are essential, it’s also essential to have the right equipment because without it the chances of providing a life saving service are reduced. I personally made the Casio G-Shock DW 5600 an invaluable part of my equipment, it has been a reliable asset. Let me share my experiences.

Buying the watch

I bought the Casio G-Shock DW 5600E about five years ago as a gift to myself (because hey life is too short..why not?). I always considered purchasing this watch however for one reason or another I never followed through. After some consideration and a little bit of research, I purchased it on Amazon. I believe that at the time I paid approximately 78 Dollars Canadian, I think they shipped it for free as well. When I first got it I remember that I was very impressed with how sturdy and rugged it looked. I was and still am very happy with the functions it has, everything I need is right in front of me, the most I have to do is press a button for the light. Just to clarify, I’m not receiving any kind of compensation from Casio, I do not own any shares and like I said before I purchased this watch with my own money out of my own free will. So if this watch is a piece of junk I won’t shy away to label it as such.

General Information.

Before I proceed any further let me provide some information on the features of this watch, I won’t go into too much detail however if anyone wants more information please email me and I will send it.

Model Number: DW 5600E-1V

Movement: Quartz

Crystal Material: Mineral

Water Resistance: 660 Ft. or 200 Meters

Case Diameter: 43 mm (42.8 to be exact)

Case Thickness: 13 mm

Weight: 53 Gm

Battery Life: 2 to 5 years (Mine is almost past 5 years and still going strong)

Band Material: Resin with a stainless steel buckle. Length 9 inches by 26 mm width.

-Shock resistant.

-Multi-function alarm.

-1/100 Second Stopwatch.

-Backlight/Auto light.

-Hourly Time Signal.


The Casio DW 5600E is rugged and tough-looking however I find it “easy” to wear in other words very comfortable and nice to look at. I do like its appearance not only because of the rugged look but also for its simplicity. I really appreciate that DW 5600E has all that I need on display. The date and military time feature come very handy especially since I must include it in every single report and/or form I have ever written. I have been involved in multiple dynamic situations and the watch never prevented me from performing my duties. It is sturdy however I do find that it is light and very comfortable to wear. I am very confident that DW 5600E will take pretty much anything I throw at it.


The first watch released was the DW-5000C in 1983. In 1987 Casio launched the first DW-5600 model. In 1996 Casio launched the DW-5600E everything pretty much stayed the same however Casio started manufacturing the watch in a plastic fortified resin case. The Casio DW-5600E still looks very relevant, models, styles, and colors are abundant. I mean I saw that 16 year old kids are still wearing these, sure the colors are different but the watch is the same. During my research, I was fortunate enough to locate a video in which the DW-5600E breaks a Guinness World Record. Take a look:

My experience and Review.

I know that many people have done some extreme things to this watch just to see or to prove that this bad boy is tough. However, my test comes from wearing it in the front lines, going from emergency to emergency, every day, every night under all sorts of weather conditions. I have used it in snowstorms, thunderstorms, hail storms, and even Ice storms and guess what? No issues to report. I used in the summer with 45 degrees heat, frigid lake waters and even one time it went in a hot tub. I’ve lifted heavy objects (to me at least) and have been under extremely stressful situations in which caring for your watch is the last thing on your mind. Its been banged against walls, balconies, door frames, doors, ladders, stretchers, floors, railings, concrete, hospital equipment, fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars way too many times to remember. It has also been exposed to all sorts of different types of fluids…yes human fluids too. I even mistakenly cleaned with bleach I thought I was going to leave some permanent damage and to my surprise I was wrong!

This is my watch, notice that it does not have much damage.

On a more positive note, I have also worn this watch to the beach, I went scuba diving with it, swimming every day with the kids in a pool with more chlorine that I wanted to be exposed to. Wore it all day and night in the heat of the Caribbean and several local trips in and around Canada and this watch still responds and operates like if it just came out of the box.

Still looks good.

I strongly believe that this watch can take a beating and some people have gone as far as literally beating it just to test it! I have worn this watch every day and put it to the test by exposing it to my daily grind and it responded great. Even as I write this I’m looking at it to see how many scratches it has and to be honest the scratches are so few that they are not even worth mentioning, look at the above attached pictures. Believe it or not, the band holds it’s shape and the color, even after many years of use. It keeps time very reliably, the light does not lose potency and the battery seems to go on forever. I am very impressed with this watch it does what it is supposed to do and then some more. It is reliable and I like the way it looks, in my opinion, it stays relevant and it might be years before it needs to redesigned or cosmetically updated.


To keep it simple i’d like to add my W5 section. Why? well because while long stories are entretaining and provide more detailed information its always nice to go straight to what matters.

  • WHO: Tested by me, just an average first responder.
  • WHAT: The Casio DW-5600E.
  • WHERE: Tested in and around the General Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada.
  • WHEN: The watch was worn for a period of almost 6 years under all weather conditions and all sort of enviroments.
  • WHY: Well simply because I wore this watch day in and day out at work and my personal time. It also took a lot of real life abuse and proved to be very reliable. Also because I like it!

Since being exposed to the elements does not seem to affect the watch’s performance or integrity I recommend this watch for anyone that has to work outdoors or any kind of physical labour. For its performance, looks and value I give the Casio DW5600E a 10 out of 10! But please let’s not stop here, please leave a comment and let me know about your experiences with it. Also if you have any questions, comments or rude remarks please feel free to leave a comment.

Kind regards, Watch Reviews

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